While confidentiality is paramount with every thing we do at Spectrum SolutionZ, occasionally a client allows us to identify them and publish their comments.

Here are a few:

“Lower back pain has stopped me from living my life the way I wanted to for many years. Hypnosis with Wendy has made me feel like a new and younger man. I now look forward to playing ball with my Grandson.”

-Steve O. California

“I really didn’t know what Hypnosis was, but a friend referred me to Wendy, as I felt STUCK where I was, and was sad all the time. Wendy spent a long time answering my questions and explained how I was going to be the happy person, excited about life that I used to be. I bought a package of 3 sessions, but only needed 2 to know I was changed, and greeted each day with joy. I am now seeing Wendy for weight release, the results have been amazing. I recommend Wendy and her gentle and deep hypnosis for whatever is troubling you.”

-Anne Hammond. Utah

Wendy’s caring and confidence in me, helped me after only one visit to overcome anxieties and beliefs I have suffered with since childhood. I knew what was going on and was in control the whole time. I felt great when the session was over and I haven’t looked backwards since.  Life is good.  Thank you!”

-M. Camps. New York

When I initially met with Wendy, I’d been in a holding pattern for 5 years with no passion, motivation or inspiration and absolutely no clarity as to why I was perpetually stuck. Most of my adult life I’d manifested whatever I wanted but once my purpose of being a mother was over, I never found another to replace it. After only 1 session with Wendy, I felt a renewed sense of passion, energy, motivation and sense of purpose. With Wendy’s expertise in hypnosis, I’ll be able to finally move forward and create my life as I desire it, not as my beliefs would have me live it.

-Julie J. Utah

Tapping (Thought Field Therapy – TFT) has changed my life thanks to Wendy.  She helped me with the technique to overcome an emotional trauma that occurred four years ago.  Tapping is a way to feel better fast!  It’s similar to emotional acupuncture but without the needles. The good news it works.  I highly recommend the Tapping technique with Wendy.
Many thanks,
Kimberly Morris. Wailea, Hawaii

Wendy’s approach is professional, of course, while helping maintain a sense of ease with her, and yourself. She gives you a lot of space and I love how she engages both the conscious and the subconscious. I look forward to my next session, where I can continue addressing other issues, the people and emotions which showed themselves in the first session, but there wasn’t the respectful time to converse with them.

I felt really so free after the session and I continue to feel that any handicap I may momentarily feel is pliable and easily reshaped, discarded, transformed and transmuted into that which supports my joy.

Nice to have a coach for my mind.

-Claire Stucklen. Hawaii